anterior Cienojetes o el gatillazo de la fotografía española siguiente

Paco Gómez

Sunday May 5 from 13 to 13.45 a.m. Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla 7, Barcelona


Presentation of the printed edition of the contents of the controversial anonymous blog Cienojetes, which shook the consciences of the Spanish photography world in an acidic ironic way until July 2019. It disappears as an unexpected blog as it started to reappear with this printed version thanks to Fracaso Books. Paco Gómez will explain this peculiar experience and his relationship with the authors.

Not long ago, in the boom of Spanish photography and the nearby galaxy of Murcia, two anonymous characters under the name of Nacho Canon and Nicon Pepinos, created the photographic criticism blog Cienojetes. In a few months their articles became viral. From the simplest amateur, to the biggest pope in photography, they were unmasked and the entire sector, which was reflected in those comments, speculated with who could be there  behind that satire.

Cienojetes disappeared without a trace or revealing his identity. His jokes full of irony, about a world so small and full of airs, will be forever in the mythology of contemporary Spanish photography. This book, ideal to read in the toilet, recovers and remasses the best of its production.