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Oliver Vegas

Sunday May 5 from 17 to 17.45 a.m. Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla 7, Barcelona

Oliver VegasOliver_Vegas (1)SIGMA.Oliver_Vegas (4)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Presentation of the travel photography made by Oliver Vegas in his years of trajectory and collaboration with various publications. In his work he reflects varied realities that demonstrate his intense traveling life.

He has managed to make his passion-travel photography-his profession. He has also risen as a successful instagramer, with hundreds of thousands of followers and an enviable photographic repertoire that arouses the admiration of those who drop by his gallery.

Oliver Vegas does not seem to be standing still, and as soon as he is surrounded by lizards on the island of Komodo as he is photographing incredible landscapes in Iceland or strolling through the streets of Paris.

This photographer explains that his love affair with Sigma began thanks to a solar eclipse, when the 150-600 millimeter telezoom from the Sports range helped him capture the image he was looking for.