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Hector Ges and Víctor Supertramp

Saturday, May 4 from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla 7, Barcelona

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Free theoretical-practical workshop on LifeStyle Photography, a type of photography whose main objective is to capture people in everyday situations in a way that reflects the spirit of common life. The goal is to tell stories about people’s lives in an authentic, spontaneous and expressive way.

Different Sigma objectives will be made available to participants.

LifeStyle photography is presented in such a way that the photographer gives some indication to the models and then documents the answers they offer spontaneously, it is about telling a story through the photographer’s perspective. It is an evolution of portrait photography that goes far beyond capturing a scene. The key here is to tell stories and evoke feelings through the image.

The session is structured as a first presentation and theoretical part in the room to make a practical street session. The assistants will be able to realize it with Sigma objectives. It concludes with the visualization and evaluation of a selection of the images taken by the attendees.

Pre-registration by email at info@artphotobcn.com

Free workshop. Limited places.

Hector Ges – Enfant terrible

Sassy, ​​fresh and with a sensitivity to the surface of his skin that does not go unnoticed in his photos. This is Hector Ges, a self-proclaimed enfant terrible, with a certain vocation as a writer – he rarely does not accompany his photos of a proclamation or a poem – and lifestyle photographer admired by tens of thousands of followers and hired by fashion brands.

Ges says he has gone from a more improvised style to more prepared photos. The truth is that in his captures you can guess a great mastery of color and a personal touch that has created a school on Instagram.

User of a full-frame body of Pentax, he often uses the 35mm f1.4 Art for his photos.

Víctor Supertramp – Pure lifestyle

All of it is effort, humility, dedication. And talent, of course. When Víctor Supertramp decided to take the leap to photography, he did it with all the consequences. To the point of turning it into a lifestyle. In their life.

Supertramp has made photography just lifestyle not only his passion but also his best business card. Different brands of clothing and fashion have been placed in their hands, trusting their image to the impudence, disinhibition and freshness that their portraits transmit.

Supertramp has a special predilection for angles, such as 24mm f1.4 and 35mm f1.4 of the Art series.