A.L.M.A siguiente

Mar Martín

from May 2 to June 1. CC GUINARDÓ, Ronda Guinardó 113, Barcelona


A.L.M.A was born in response to a story that has gone unnoticed in many circles. In 2013, the first high-resolution image of the coldest known place in the universe was achieved thanks to the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, curiously its acronyms give the title to the entire project. This milestone of science, coupled with its transfer from Granada to the winter of Berlin, kicks off the entire project.

The contrast of realities leads her to sharpen the visions of an icy and paralyzing environment, leading the author to create a dystopian world, fruit, according to her own fantasy, of the cold’s effect on the human soul. This cold that freezes his characters, even in their internal forums, and that translates to their white images, is surrounded by technological and futuristic elements taking the viewer by the hand for an environment worthy of film science fiction.

Opening 2nd May at 7.30 p.m.