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Bárbara Traver

From April 5 to May 5 CC PATI LLIMONA, Regomir 3, Barcelona

BARBARATRAVERMadre (4)Madre (6)Madre (7)Madre (9)

Barbara Traver shows in her works an intimate and suggested image, from her experiences, showing a reality that is hidden from ourself. Reflective and contained, with Mother judgment, Mother Sanctuary raises the bonds that are forged with a mother and the dogmas that are implanted in women, being a key factor in the dynamics of a relationship between mother and daughter.

With this project aims to reflect the different perspectives that develop a mother-daughter relationship from a gender and generational perspective. The eternal return, the way of living the confrontation of the hand of necessity, the figure of authority … An instinct that can be intertwined with the personal, egoism, attachment and path linked together: a life-long relationship through subtle images and readings as diverse as the viewer background.


Activity: Presentation by Bárbara Traver during the opening on April 4 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.