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Aleksandra Dynas and Sara Holmgren

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In our interest to create bridges between different circuits we have detected in the civic centers of Barcelona specialized in the photographic medium a great potential of authors and authors to discover and recognize. To give them the necessary visibility, it was agreed that they participate, from the previous edition, with a stand coordinated by the ICUB’s Center for Civic Centers for these three centers: CC Pati Llimona, CC Can Basté and Espai Català-Roca.

Can Basté has selected two authors who work in areas of conflict for this edition of Art Photo Bcn. Two realities so far away that they pass through the viewfinder of Aleksandra Dynas and Sara Holmgren. Uganda in the case of the first and Guatemala in that of the second, are portrayed as reflective spaces of social inequality as a result of policies applied in the field. The transversal training of both in photography and international politics gives them a special look that tangentially touches photojournalism.

CC Can Basté
Aleksandra Dynas

Aleksandra Dynas

Aleksandra Dynas (Sosnowiec, Poland, 1988), photographer. Aleksandra is currently living in Barcelona. After graduating in International Relations, she decided to study photography, specialising in documentary photography. She is now a freelance photographer.

She was a finalist in the College Photographer of the Year competition. Two years ago she decided to go to Africa to work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that work with children living on the streets and with HIV and also women. Thanks to a project carried out in Uganda, she received a distinction in the Social Documentary Network competition and took part in a group exhibition during the Photoville festival held in New York. She was chosen for the Canon and Magnum Photos “Young photojournalists” programme during the Visa pour l’Image festival in France. After Africa, she went to India, where she worked on two more projects: one on tuberculosis and one on death and beliefs in Hinduism. They were both published in the newspaper El País.

Sara Holmgren

Sara Holmgren

Sara Holmgren is a political expert, photographer and video documentary maker with a thorough knowledge of Guatemala. She has a degree in Political Science from Umeå University, in Sweden, with a thesis that focused on the democratisation of Guatemala. In 2001, she worked in Guatemala as an international companion with the organisation SweFOR in collaboration with ACOGUATE, for the witnesses in the genocide trial against former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt and his high-ranking military officials, which finally ended in 2018. In 2002 she worked with the complaints department of the Mutual Support Group (GAM).

In 2007, she undertook a year’s training in Professional Photography and another year of Video Camera training, both of them at the Escuela CES school in Madrid. In the last few years she has taken part in a number of documentary photography and editing courses, as well as video courses, mostly at the Can Basté Civic Centre.

In 2017, she carried out a project on the relatives of the disappeared in Guatemala. She did this with the support of GAM and the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation (FAFG). The project “Life Retaken” has been exhibited at the Can Basté Civic Centre and been published in the magazine Revista 5W with the name “8.000 entierros como este” [“8,000 burials such as this”]. She has two more exhibitions coming up: one in Barcelona and one in Guatemala.