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Taller Milans

Carrer Regomir 3, Barcelona 08002

Tel. 93 256 61 00


In our interest to create bridges between different circuits we have detected in the civic centers of Barcelona specialized in the photographic medium a great potential of authors and authors to discover and recognize. To give them the necessary visibility, it was agreed that they participate, from the previous edition, with a stand coordinated by the ICUB’s Center for Civic Centers for these three centers: CC Pati Llimona, CC Can Basté and Espai Català-Roca.

CC Pati Llimona
Taller Milans

Taller Milans

The CC Pati Llimona proposes the work of Taller Milans, a collective with more than two decades of activity, specialized in chemical and analog photography. Experimentation is one of their main interests that motivate their research processes, from the construction of photographic devices to the positivity in alternative supports. For this sixth edition Taller Milans presents GRRRRRR JA JA JA AHHHHH Ganyotes i expressions anamòrfiques, a project that reflects on the homogenization of expressions that have overcome us with emoticons, selfies and others applications. They bring to the maximum expression the unrepeatable individualism of the photographed factions taking a beautiful, significant deformity.