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Farah Foudeh

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One more year the complicity of the Master of Design and Photography is added by the hand of its director, Pedro Vicente, who selects one of his students to represent ELISAVA in Art Photo Bcn. This year the selected one has been Farah Foudeh and her Bedu project that is exhibited for the first time in Barcelona.

Máster en Fotografía y Diseño de ELISAVA
Farah Foudeh

Farah Foudeh

With Bedu, Farah Foudeh addresses issues of identity and representation by studying the history of Western Orientalist photographic representation of Arab man. In this context, the Bedouin man is constantly acting for the voyeuristic gaze. Always represented as the nomadic man who lives in a picturesque life in the desert, and he, unlike the rest of the world, is immune to the impact of time, development and modernity.