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Bernat Millet, Paula Soler Blasco and Renzo Narváez

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After an open call among their users, Espai Català-Roca has decided on an eclectic proposal that demonstrates the breadth of view of the center and the variety of personalities that give it life.

From the field of photojournalism they bring Bernat Millet’s perspective on the Saharawi people. The aesthetic reflection reflects the work of Renzo Narváez on contemplation and architecture through impossible frames. The most intimate vision is provided by Paula Soler Blasco with her internal diary in which she unifies longings and past translated into image.

Espai Català-Roca
Bernat Millet

Bernat Millet

Bernat Millet (Barcelona, 1986) is a graduate in Photography from Middlesex University. During that time, he found in large-format photography the vehicle through which he wanted to show his view of the world. His artistic research led him to explore the beauty of portraits beyond sensitivity and suffering. He later specialised in photojournalism and documentary photography at Mid Sweden University (Sundsvall), where he furthered and consolidated his deep and emotive portrait style.

With his project Bitter Sweet Soft, Bernat Millet focuses his photographic eye on the daily life of the Saharawi people, providing us with an intimate account from which a strong sense of unity based on family ties emerges. The artist shows the family as the pillar that supports the fields in which people live in a situation of constant waiting.

Paula Soler Blasco

Paula Soler Blasco

Paula Soler Blasco (Barcelona, 1994) is a graduate in Photography Management from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC) and has a diploma in Contemporary Photography from the International Centre of Photography and Film (EFTI). Her work deals with memory, absence, the passage of time and human relationships.

Paula Soler Blasco uses photography as a channel for introspection. The images she records form a private diary, the proof that at some point she felt what she has now left dormant in the image, such as fears, frustrations, tenderness or love. In an attempt to recover and recall lost time, Paula Soler tells us about yesterday, about the trace of an instant that once existed but no longer exists in the present.

Renzo Narváez

Renzo Narváez

Renzo Narváez (Caracas, 1988) is a graduate in Document Management from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC). This is where he discovered his interest in photography, which he combines with musical creation.

Entre el infinito y lo visible was created out of a conscious wish to look up, as an exercise of constant meditation. Contemplation thus forms the starting point for this project in which the dream state also plays a significant role. Using analogue photography, the artist covers and interprets the city’s architecture, focusing on the boundaries of the structures around us, which he then breaks and rearranges in order to create new landscapes and realities. Texture, colour, perspective and composition, as well as the plasticity of the photographs, bring us closer to other disciplines such as design and painting.