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Daniel Iglesias Jäckle and Xavier Valldaura

IEFC – Institut d´Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya

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The IEFC participates for the first time in Art Photo Bcn with the work of two participating authors of their classrooms. The photographers selected are Daniel Iglesias Jäckle and Xavier Valldaura. From the personal photographic experience of Valldaura, in constant mutation, to the social denouncement that Iglesias Jäckle poses by working Bauman’s theories through paradox, the unsightly and the constant aversion.

Daniel Iglesias Jäckle

Daniel Iglesias Jäckle

Daniel Iglesias Jäckle tries to investigate in depth about the concept, which normally expresses sociological aspects and denunciation, with the aim of analyzing and rethinking social constructions and generating a reflection in the spectator. His inspiration is the vision of sociologists like Zygmunt Bauman to create the concept and postmodern artists as references in the aesthetics of their works. Self-portrait, landscape … any genre is valid in his work as long as the experimentation and learning always arise. The most used resources are the bright colors, the chiaroscuro, the beauty in the unsightly and what provokes aversion, the sinister and the paradoxes.

Xavier Valldaura

Xavier Valldaura

STARTING WITH “PRESENCES”, curiously of the little that has produced in color, where the images represent an unknown space, the images try to retract the viewer to a more or less distant past and capture the presence of those who once lived in it.

IN THE SECOND PLACE “TRAUS DE L’ANIMA” (SCULPTURE OF THE SOUL), it is about putting in images the poems of an intimate friend of the author, rediscovered after several years, and in which, unlike the work cited above , if there is a relationship between the images and their person through a third party.

FINALLY S.D.B. . 13, is the reencounter with part of its past through a space lived and shared for many years. Upon re-entry, he faces emotions that have already been silenced. It is a space with a life of its own, which will be shaped to offer a series of images that speak of its “first person”. But what can also be approaches to emotions of each one that has interest in interacting with them.