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Joana Biarnés, Jacques Léonard and a selected photographers PSV

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The Photographic Social Vision Foundation supports the professional career of more than seventy members, and represents for 5 years two historical photographic archives: The Archive of Joana Biarnés, and the Archive of the Jacques Léonard Family. They also advises private collectors and public and private entities on the acquisition of documentary photography, the management and exploitation of photographic archives.

In Art Photo Bcn, they will exhibit works by Joana Biarnés and Jacques Léonard, alongside a selection of their member photographers such as Toni Privat, Gerard Boyer, Jordi Cané Paola de Grenet, Sandra Gross, Montse Campins and Pep Escoda. Their proposal is an intergenerational vision of the photographic production of their associates.

Photographic Social Vision
Joana Biarnés

Joana Biarnés

Joana Biarnés (Tarrassa 1935, Barcelona 2018) was a pioneer who overcame the prejudices of an era, triumphed in her profession, met and immortalized great characters in history and, when she became a legend she passed away. Her file was rediscovered, by chance, in 2014 when a documentary maker looked for images of floods in Catalonia in 1962, and found the impressive images with which, the then young apprentice, immortalized the disaster.

Jacques Léonard

Jacques Léonard

Jacques Léonard (Paris 1909-L’Escala 1994), left written and photographic testimony of his life and his time. His personal story is curious: he married Rosario Amaya, a Catalan gypsy from the Hostafrancs district; He was a son of a wealthy French family. With this counter-current love story, which arose at a bohemian Barcelona party, an intense life journey marked by the photographer’s fascination with the gypsy culture began, which led him to make a magnificent portrait of a community and an era.