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Thursday, May 2 FULL

Tiffany Jones, Overlapse (Fiebre Photobook)

Tiffany Jones, OverlapseTiffany Jones, OverlapseTiffany Jones, OverlapseTiffany Jones, OverlapseTiffany Jones, Overlapse


Practical workshop with Tiffany Jones, editor of Overlapse (London), in which she will advise the participants with the necessary steps to give shape to their work in photobook format: concept, edition, design and production.

Tittle workshop:

Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 4pm to 9pm

Arts Santa Mònica.

100 €

Addressed to :
Artists with physical photobook or PDF format at any stage of development, interested in publishing a photobook.


Minimum: 5
Maximum: 10



As part of the program of Fiebre Photobook Barcelona 2019, we will have a photobook workshop with Tiffany Jones, editor of Overlapse, a London publishing house that has published some of the most recognized photobooks on the international scene in recent years. Their subjects and stories address social, cultural, and environmental issues, with themes connected to human experience.

During 5 hours of workshop, Tiffany will make a brief talk of the career of the publishing house Overlapse, then continue with a review of the participants’ work to explore possibilities for effective expression. Each project will be discussed according to issues of concept, editing, design and production, with Tiffany advising in a personalized manner, to enhance the synergy of group work among all the participants.

Examples of highlighted publications from the Overlapse catalog are:

– Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals by Mandy Barker, selected among the 10

best photobooks of 2017 for the Smithsonian Magazine, selected among the best books of the year in the prestigious Photo-eye and nominated for the Deutsche Börse Foundation Prize 2018.

– The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer by Amani Willett, finalist for the best book of the year in PHotoEspaña 2018, selected in the list of best books of 2017 for Photo-eye.

– Among its catalog are also Spanish authors who have found in their editorial a vehicle to publicize their work internationally, such as Bego Antón, Pascual Martínez and Vincent Sáez.